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Meet Nick

Nick Minerva lives in Fresno, California with his wife, Sarah and their four children. He currently serves as the Associate Pastor of Fresno Church where he has been on staff for over 10 years. 

How Do We Navigate Suffering?


Discover how your Christian identity can enable you to walk through the difficulties in your life well while at the same time point people to the one place they can find lasting hope. 

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Why I’m Not Leaving The Church

I don’t know that I should still be in church. Now obviously that statement needs some explanation, so let me tell you my story. I grew up the son of a preacher. (Sorry if that song is now stuck in your head.) For a little over a decade my dad stepped out of ministry and…

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Let’s Be Intentional About Our Thinking

It’s funny how intentional we can be about a lot of different things. Intentional with our time, intentional with what we watch, intentional with what we eat. We are intentional about being intentional. But oftentimes we aren’t intentional about what goes on inside our heads. We just assume if a thought is in our mind…

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Help! I’m Married To My Pastor: A Book Review

Have you ever felt lonely as a pastor’s wife? Have you ever wished for a friend you can be around and be able to take off the “pastor’s wife” hat? Reading through Jani Ortlund’s new book, “Help! I’m Married to My Pastor”, I felt like I was sitting down having coffee with that friend. Her…

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