BOOK REVIEW: 7 Big Questions Your Life Depends On

7 Big Questions Your Life Depends On

In this little book, William Edgar looks at seven different questions that are asked throughout Scripture and shows us how society is still wrestling with these same questions today. William then answers each question with stories from his own experience and biblical truth that will strengthen our relationship with God and sharpen how we think. This book is a quick and accessible read, well worth anyone’s time to read. The seven questions are:

1. Did God Really Say? Asked by Satan
2. Where Are You? Asked by God
3. Where Is the Lamb? Asked by Isaac
4. Am I in the Place of God? Asked by Jacob and Joseph
5. Where Is the Baby Born to Be King of the Jews? Asked by Astrologers
6. Do You Want to Be Healed? Asked by Jesus
7. Why Are You Looking Among the Dead for One Who Is Alive? Asked by the Angel

I received a media copy of this book and this is my honest review.

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