How Nature Helps Me Persevere

One of my favorite places in all the world is Yosemite, California. There is something amazing about being in a place that is breathtaking and unchanging. Seasonally, it changes often. It doesn’t matter how many times I go, it never gets boring. Depending on the weather, the same views always look unique. But it’s also the same. El Capitan has been there for thousands of years. Half Dome will continue being half of a dome long after I am completely gone and forgotten. A few years ago I stood at the base of the General Sherman Tree in Kings Canyon National Park. That tree was around in the Old Testament.

These giants of nature have endured wildfires, floods, and droughts. They have “seen” the rise and fall of brutal dictators and silently “watched” powerful men come and go. And they continue to stand. God created them to last. And the same God who created them created me. He created you. He created us to last. To stand. To persevere. When I am standing in a place like Yosemite, taking in the magnitude and longevity of it, I am visibly reminded of God’s enduring faithfulness. Speaking of creation Psalm 148 says

Psalm 148:6 He set them in position forever and ever; he gave an order that will never pass away.

Just like God allows those granite monoliths and giant sequoias to continue to stand, he will be faithful to us. So whenever you feel like your life is falling apart and is all over…spend some time in God’s creation. Get some perspective. Remind yourself of God’s enduring faithfulness in a way that far surpasses your lifetime. So much of what we get worked up about only lasts for a moment. We are here for such a short time. But what we do in that short time has the potential to outlive us for generations. So let’s be faithful. Let’s persevere. Because God’s faithfulness is for all generations, we can be faithful today.

Psalm 119:90 Your faithfulness is for all generations; you established the earth, and it stands firm.

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