Let’s Be Intentional About Our Thinking

It’s funny how intentional we can be about a lot of different things. Intentional with our time, intentional with what we watch, intentional with what we eat. We are intentional about being intentional. But oftentimes we aren’t intentional about what goes on inside our heads. We just assume if a thought is in our mind it must be true. My brain loves me and wants what’s best for me, so it works to make sure that Philippians 4:8 is the soundtrack of my life. Right? Wrong. 

Actually, our brains can be real jerks. That’s an actual heading in Jon Acuff’s new book, Soundtracks. Our brains often work against us accomplishing the goals we want to accomplish and becoming who we want to become. We get caught up in fearful thought patterns that get so engraved in our minds they then become part of our subconscious and we don’t even realize it. Jon calls them broken soundtracks. They are often untrue, unhelpful, and unkind. And the scary part is they are driving behavior (or causing the lack of it) and we probably don’t even realize it. 

But the good news is Jon doesn’t just give us a bunch of statistical data about this problem, although he does. He teaches us how to identify and retire these broken soundtracks, replace them with new ones, and how to repeat them until they are just as engraved in our minds as the old, broken ones. He also has tons of research to prove that this process works. (This is a crucial step in reinforcing a new soundtrack and retiring old ones as we learn in chapter 9. I’m just now realizing Jon did that for us with the stories and data in this book to reinforce its message while simultaneously turning down the dial on any doubts we may have had. It’s like soundtrack inception! Or maybe I’m overthinking it…)

Seriously, this book is full of practical, real-life advice and is mixed with Jon’s incredible sense of humor. Jon’s books are fun to read and have been incredibly influential in my life. Just about anything he writes, I read. And listen to. His audiobooks are gold. (If you buy Soundtracks before April 9th, 2021 you can get the audiobook free. Just click here.) One of the broken soundtracks that I have been working at retiring is “I’m not equipped to be a good dad because I didn’t have a good dad.” The new soundtrack that I am replacing it with is “I have a perfect Heavenly Father who has given me everything I need to raise my kids.” As I have been rehearsing that truth to myself, using the process Jon lays out, it’s amazing the difference it has made in the way I interact with my kids. I’m no longer a dad stretched too thin, with nothing to give his kids. Instead, I’m a dad who has an endless supply of love and grace because God’s supply never runs out.This is a book that scientifically verifies the power of renewing our mind and gives us practical steps to take to renew it. Get your copy here

I’m thankful to have been a part of the launch team for this book and received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. None of the links on the page are affiliates. I just think you should get the book because it’s awesome. 

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