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At Fresno Church we are kicking off a sermon series Sunday, May 16th entitled Battles. The Christian life is often described as a fight. In this series we are going to look at how to fight well. We will cover topics like fighting fear, apathy, sin, ingratitude, and others. Here is the series introduction I wrote:

We are in a battle. A battle that has raged since the beginning of time. But it’s not a battle of flesh and blood like those that fill our stories and capture our imaginations. It’s a battle for our souls. And our enemy is on the prowl waiting for an opportunity to strike. 

So we are called to courage. 

We are called to trust. 

We are called to vigilance. 

We are called to stand. 

We are called to fight. 

But it’s not our strength that drives us forward. We put no confidence in ourselves. We put our faith in God. The LORD is our Warrior and JEHOVAH is his name. He has risen up and secured our victory. He clothes us in his strength. He provides our armor. His Son, our Savior, has publicly beaten and disgraced the enemy of our soul. But while our enemy is defeated, he isn’t done. 

So we rise up in the power of God’s might and 

We run with purpose

We fight the good fight

We discipline our bodies

We train our minds

Because we are more than conquerors. We fear no one because victory belongs to our King and he has given us everything we need to win our BATTLES. 

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