Battling Fear Part 2

Battling Fear pt. 2

In the last post we saw how the person of God give us courage over our fear. So in this post we will continue working through Psalm 27 to see how the presence of God give us courage over our fears.

The Presence of God Gives Us Courage

In verses 4-12 se see David talking to himself and to God about the presence of God.

God’s presence is protective – it guards us from our fear – vs. 4-6

In these verses we see David asked for one thing while facing his enemies. And it wasn’t a way out…It was the presence of God. The majesty of God outshines the cause of our fears. 

David says “God it’s in your majestic, beautiful presence I find protection. I find refuge. I find shelter.”

We are secure in God. Nothing that we experience, no matter how terrifying, can remove us out from under his protection. And notice the protective presence of God was experienced in corporate worship. In verses 4-6 we see David talking about elements of corporate worship.

This shows us David experienced the protection of God and it lead him to hold his head high while he confidently worshiped his king. Joyfully, loudly, worshiping his majestic and protecting God. As we prioritize this type of confident, joy-filled corporate worship we drown out our fears with a greater reality – the majesty and protection of God! Corporate worship pulls us out of our fear and reminds us what is really true. 

God’s presence is constant – it never leaves us to our fear – vs. 7-10

But it’s one thing to experience the emotional high of a great corporate worship service. What about Thursday morning? What about after you have had a lousy week and nothing is going your way? In fact the things you were afraid of happened! Then what? Look at verse 10.

Psalm 27:10 Even if my father and mother abandon me, the LORD cares for me.

The same God who filled you with confidence on Sunday morning as you held your head high in worship, the same God who overwhelmed you with his majesty and outshined all your fears, that same God is with you even when everything is going “wrong.”

I love verse 10. It says “Even if my father and mother abandon me…” Even then, God is caring for you. Hebrews 13 tells us because he will never abandon us we don’t have to be afraid because no one can truly harm us.1

Because God’s presence will never leave you, you can live courageously. This doesn’t mean we pretend things are all good when they aren’t or that we ignore what needs to be worked on. That’s not courage, that’s fear. It means we can courageously work on those things, we can boldly tackle our problems, we can be courageous, because even if our own parents say “Peace out, were done” God still is with us!

You have the Holy Spirit of God, that raised Jesus from the dead, is living inside of you.2 He enables you to experience the perfect love of the Father3 that drives out fear.4 The more we spend time in God’s presence the more we will realize his presence never leaves us the less we live in fear. 

God’s presence guides us – it leads us through our fear – vs. 11-12

As David continues to seek God’s presence he asks for guidance. David isn’t just blowing a spiritual raspberry at his enemies. Confidence is not ignorance. He realizes he needs help. So he asks God for guidance. He is asking God to lead him through the problems he is facing. When you walk with God and follow him, he will lead you through the circumstances that are causing you fear. He will give you the wisdom that you need.5 His word is our guide.6

One of the reasons we so often fall into fear is because our minds are not filled with the truth of what God says. We forget God because our minds are not renewed in the truth of who he is. Charles Spurgeon said, in a sermon called The Folly of Unbelief: “Half our fears arise from neglect of the Bible.7 The presence of God wants to guide us through those things with our hearts confidently trusting in him.

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