You Don’t Have To Be Special – God Of The Mundane Book Review

The God of the Mundane

It’s easy to think that God’s best work is the larger-than-life, Pentecost-style moments. Works of God have to be “parting the Red Sea” big or we just assume it wasn’t God. Somewhere along the way we have picked up the idea that the only people God uses are Pastors or Missionaries who leave everything behind to live in a grass hut, in a third-world country, eating bugs so he could share the Gospel. It’s the “rock star” worship leaders that are making a difference in the world. In a world that practically worships celebrities and notoriety, we have begun to view quiet faithfulness as second best (if not even compromise.) Mundane feels like last place.

God Is In The Mundane

But let’s be real, those big moments that fill our Sunday School stories are not everyday life. Most of us aren’t leaving everything behind to go be a missionary. Does that mean God is working in our lives less? No. In God of the Mundane, Matthew Redmond shows us how God is very much at work in the ordinary places of our lives. God is in the mundane. It’s true, the Bible is full of story after story of miracles done by great men and women. But consider who it was written to—ordinary people who would never be apostles or church-planters or missionaries in the way we typically think about them. Think about it, even Jesus himself spent the majority of his adult life as an obscure, blue-collar worker.

God Delights In Normal

Throughout this book, Matthew reminds us that God delights in using the weak, insignificant and despised, because they are so ordinary, things in the world to advance his kingdom.1 Seeking to live a peaceful and quiet life is not a compromise. It’s a command.2 The mom changing dirty diapers, the dentist filling cavities, the trash pickup man, they are all pushing against the Fall just like the pastor and missionary. God’s extraordinary grace is made for ordinary, mundane moments. Even the repetitive, boring moments that chafe against our soul. God might call you to do something radical. But more than likely he is calling you to do something ordinary.

I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.

– Gandalf

God works, advances his kingdom through, and rewards the routine, uncelebrated kindness and obedience of his children.3 In the author’s own words “This little book is not a call to do nothing. It is a call to be faithful right where you are, regardless of how mundane that place is.” After all, this is God’s story, not ours. Love God. Love People. Die and be forgotten.

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I received a free copy this book for a fair and honest reviw. 

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