Jesus REALLY Is Better

Jesus Is Better

Jesus is better. If you grew up in Church you know that is the right thing to say. But do you know why? Have you experienced why? In his book, Jesus Is Better, Zach Maldonado shows us how God is better than we could ever imagine. He lovingly and thoroughly answers many questions that people may have about Jesus, God, and the Bible. (In fact, this would be a great book for a friend who has is seeking the truth.) He shows us through science, archeology, and history that our faith is not unreasonable but actually makes sense. He shows us how concepts like morality and right and wrong, all point back to God. (This was one of my favorite sections.) 

Jesus Is Truth

Zach has done his research and thought through a lot of big issues, making this an incredibly valuable resource. What do we do with the violence in the Old Testament? Is God different in the Old Testament than Jesus is in the New Testament? Why all the harsh judgment? (And surprisingly, why it’s a good thing.) You might not land with Zach on every conclusion, but you can’t argue that his points are well thought out and saturated in Scripture. And you will definitely come away being in awe of Jesus and inspired to know him more deeply.

The thing I love about Zach’s writing is it doesn’t feel like a dry, dusty commentary with textbook answers. (No offense commentaries. I love you, you dry, dusty, old books.) Zach does a great job of weaving his story throughout the book that makes it engaging and very personal. You don’t feel like you are being given a lecture but being brought along Zach’s journey. 

Jesus Is Life

Jesus Is Better will encourage you. It’s filled with page after page of hope. It contains chapter after chapter of the life-giving and transforming message of Jesus. It shows us the kindness and goodness of Jesus towards us in a way that will make you marvel at the grace of God. Jesus really is this good. The book shows us Scripture after Scripture so that we are left with no doubt that Jesus loves AND likes us. He is so much better than sin or unbelief. We can trust in his nearness no matter what our circumstances. We don’t need to carry the weight of measuring up to some standard. Jesus met the standard for us. And now he is living in you and empowering you to live each day in a way that pleases God. 

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I receive a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review as a part of the pre-launch team. 

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