Who Am I?

Growing up I loved cheesy Kung-Fu movies. Perhaps one of my all-time favorites was the 1998 Jackie Chan flick, Who Am I? Jackie Chan was a special operative who loses his memory at the beginning of the film. Throughout the movie, he seeks to learn… Read More »Who Am I?

Savor The Word

Have you ever opened the Bible, read it, and walked away feeling like nothing happened? You read it but you didn’t feel any different. Maybe you related more to this guy from Pirates of the Caribbean than a disciple of Jesus.  Perhaps you’ve had the… Read More »Savor The Word

God’s Got You

Sometimes God shakes things up so that we can focus on what is eternal, but God is never shaken. His kingdom lasts forever. And because his kingdom lasts forever we can live and serve him with confidence. Needing this reminder today.

7 Ways To Handle The Holidays When You’re Hurting

The holiday season is right around the corner and for those who are walking through hurt, it can be daunting. But, if you go into the season with intentionality and a plan you can actually find new meaning during the holidays and come through them with authentic joy.

We Can Be Faithful

Have you ever wished you could run away and live at Disneyland? (BTW how sad is this year that we can’t even go to Disney??) In Psalm 11 we find David facing persecution. We don’t know the exact circumstances, but we gather from the context… Read More »We Can Be Faithful