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A Call To Endure

For the last ten years, one of my greatest goals has been to live a faithful life. Regardless of whether or not my life is deemed flashy or impressive by most people’s standards is largely irrelevant. I just want to live and finish my life… Read More »A Call To Endure

Christmas Reading

Every year we enjoy reading the Christmas story on Christmas Eve. Over the years I have compiled a collection of different passages that tell the story from beginning to end. Here they are in modern and classic English. Modern Reading (Christians Standard Bible) John 1:1-5 In… Read More »Christmas Reading

Jesus Is Worthy

Would you do me a favor? Would you subscribe to my weekly newsletter? Every week I send out a few updates from the blog and everyone who signs up gets chapter one of my book Thriving In Exile for free. Just plug in your email… Read More »Jesus Is Worthy

Grace In Our Miscarriage

This post is written by both my wife and myself.  This past October we found out we were expecting our fifth child. Even though the thought of five kids seemed a bit scary, we were excited!  The first ultrasound is always something I (Nick) really… Read More »Grace In Our Miscarriage

Jesus Is King

During the Christmas season, it is really easy to get lost in all the over-commercialization and materialism of the season and miss what Christmas is all about. Because this year has been so difficult I think many of us will feel a greater pull towards that as a means of escape.

A Thanksgiving Psalm

Hashtag blessed. If you are like me, just reading that makes your skin crawl and makes you throw up a little bit in your mouth. (If you are reading this on a full stomach, sorry. Hashtag gross.) My reasoning is that #blessed is not normally… Read More »A Thanksgiving Psalm