How Do We Navigate Suffering?

Discover how your Christian identity can enable you to walk through the difficulties in your life well while at the same time point people to the one place they can find lasting hope.

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Why I Wrote Thriving In Exile

2020 was a crazy year. From a pandemic to extreme political divide. We walked through racial tension and high-profile deaths. Then there were all of the personal difficulties that came out of the nationwide trouble. People lost jobs, family members passed away, mental health issues were and are on the rise, and marriages were on the rocks. For many people, it was a year of suffering. 

But the Bible cuts through all of the chaos with exactly what we need. And a surprisingly relevant little book of the Bible has been 1 Peter. Written to suffering Christians, Peter offers hope that can steady us in turbulent times. Throughout the book, he reminds us that we are strangers and exiles because this world is not our home and reminds us that even though the difficulties we face now may seem to be all-encompassing, it’s just a blip on the radar of eternity. With practical advice, he shows us what it looks like to walk in holiness in suffering and how when we live for eternity today we give other people hope for tomorrow. 

In Thriving In Exile I seek to unpack how our identity as believers enables us to walk through suffering in a Christ-exalting way. The year 2020 brutally reminded us that we cannot escape difficulties, so let’s walk through them well for the glory of God. We can endure because of what Christ has done for us and who Christ has made us be. When we anchor our hope to Jesus we can show the people in our lives a better way to live. One that rises above fear with the unshakable confidence that comes from being secure in Christ. Thriving In Exile will show how we can live holy lives that point people to Jesus while we navigate our suffering.

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Nick Minerva

Nick Minerva lives in Fresno, California with his wife, Sarah and their four children. He currently serves as the Associate Pastor of Fresno Church where he has been on staff for over 10 years. Thriving In Exile is his first book.